Journal of Research for Christianity in China, No. 21, 2023



编者的话(聂利) 1
From the Editor(NIE Li) 1


特 稿 7
Special Articles 7


论世界图景逻辑(查常平) 8
On the World-picture Logic(ZHA Changping) 33


一般论文 34
Articles 34


东北沦陷时期日伪利用天主教仪式开展的政治教化(徐炳三、赵洋) 35
Political Discipline and Catholic Ceremony in Manchukuo:Taking the Record of Manchuria Monthly as an Example(XU Bingsan, ZHAO Yang) 52


从属抑或自立?——香港五旬节会“三自”之刍议(陈明丽) 53
Dependence or Independence? ——The Attempting Discussion on “ Three-Self” of Hong Kong Pentecostal Mission(CHEN Mingli) 72


福音与处境化:以香港圣公会圣士提反堂为例(1865-1888)(陈睿文) 73
Gospel and Contextualization: A Case Study of St. Stephen’s Church, HKSKH(CHEN Ruiwen) 95


宗教、社会性别与医疗:一位英国女传教士在云南的护理助产实践及其启示(1933-1939)(李明慧) 96
Religion, Gender and Medicine: The Nursing and Midwifery Practice of an English Woman Missionary in Yunnan and its Implications, 1933-1939(LI Minghui) 132


“疗灵”还是“疗身”:伦敦会黄陂医院与近代地方社会(康婉盈) 133
Research on the Central China Arthington Hospital in Huangpei(KANG Wanying) 153


香港浸会大学图书馆“基督教在华发展史”特藏介绍(黄韫瑜) 154
An introduction to the special collection “Archives on the History of Christianity in China” in the Hong Kong Baptist University Library(WONG Wan Yu) 163


东西方文明冲突境域下的义和团运动及中西古今之争(李安泽) 164
The Boxer Movement and the Disputes between the Medieval China and the Modern West from the Perspective of the Conflict between Eastern and Western Civilization (LI Anze)181


Seven Spirits from Patmos: Towards a Decolonial Chinese Theology for the Third Millennium(Jacob Chengwei FENG) 182


作为信心的信仰:以基督教为例(毕聪聪) 220
Belief as Faith:Taking Christianity as an Example(BI Congcong) 240


利玛窦传教方法对基督教中国化的启示(杨丝桐) 241
Implications of Matteo Ricci's Missionary Methods for Sinicization of Christianity(YANG Sitong) 266


女也不是无男,男也不是无女:哥林多前书十一章2至16节对两性创造次序的援用(李浩) 267
Woman is Not Independent of Man. And Man is Not Independent of Woman: The Order of the Creation of Man and Woman in 1 Corinthians 11:2–16(LI Hao) 318


艺术与新生:人文批评的主题(施诚刚) 319
Art and rebirth: the theme of humanistic criticism(SHI Chenggang) 332


艾萨克·牛顿的几何学圣经诠释(刘志强) 333
Isaac Newton’s Geometric Biblical Interpretation(LIU Zhiqiang) 354


译稿、书评与综述 355
Translations, Book Reviews and Reports 355


基督教的末世论的本体论地位(作者:Christipher Morse,隗仁莲译,安希孟校) 356


全球之网与在地之医:苏精《西医来华十记》述评(张敏) 372


“新史料、新方法、新理论:近代中外文化交流史研究再出发”国际学术研讨会会议综述(聂利) 383


研究资料 391
Documents 391


韩国学界对中国基督教史研究的现状(李惠源) 392


编辑部启事 411
Announcements from the Editors 411


《中国基督教研究》优秀论文奖 412
《中国基督教研究》优秀博士生奖 413
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