Journal of Research for Christianity in China, No. 18, 2022



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From the Editor

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Special Articles

圣灵和幽灵:基督教共产主义简述(李灵)... 7
Holy Spirit and Ghost:A Brief Introduction to Christianity and Communism (LI Ling)

家国心态与中国基督教研究(李向平)... 18
Family-State Mentality and Chinese Christian Studies (LI Xiangping)

一般论文... 40

战斗的福音:二十世纪基督教政治神学论评(安希孟)... 41
A Review on Christian Political Theology in the Twentieth Century (AN Ximeng)

圣贤与完全:儒家文化的人性论和道德修养论与基督教的人性论和救赎论之比较(汤士文)... 82
Sage and Perfection:A Comparison Between the Human Nature & Moral Cultivation Theory of Confucian Culture and the Christian Theory of Human Nature & Salvation (TANG Shiwen)

民国时期中国贺川丰彦形象的历史变迁(1925-1941)(庾凌峰)... 109
The Historical Changes of the Image of Toyohiko Kagawa in China during the Period of the Republic of China (1925-1941): Centered on the Report of The China Press (YU Lingfeng)

20世纪文学作品中来华传教士形象研究(王丽君)... 133
A Study on the Image of Missionaries to China in the Literature in the 20th Century (WANG Lijun)

"帝"义的阐释史——明清时期的误读与现代学者的去蔽(崔立国)... 154
The Interpretive History of Di's Meaning: The Misreading in Ming and Qing Dynasties and Uncovering of Modern Scholars (CUI Liguo)

百年中国文学与基督教文化的碰撞(张晓英)... 183
The Collision of Centuries of Chinese Literature and Christian Culture (ZHANG Xiaoying)

天主教与道教的生命观对话新探(黄威)... 196
A New Inquiry into the Dialogue between Catholicism and Taoism's Views of Life: Beginning with the Taoist Narrative of "to be Immortal through Death" (HUANG Wei)

"陡斯"与"上帝":不同文化接触的困境与思考(高兴)... 218
Deus and God,the Dilemma and Reflection of the Interculture Contact (GAO Xing)

约瑟的眼泪:族群理论与后殖民批判的圣经阅读(吴祈得)... 238
Joseph's Tear: A Reading from Postcolonial Studies and Ethnicity Research Perspectives (WU Chi-Te)

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Announcements from the Editors

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